The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter

Next week, I will be attending a three day seminar, entitled Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter: Fostering Conditions for Social Innovation and Community Engagement. When I first heard about this from my friend Dennis, I was immediately interested. The cost of taking it was a problem. I finally decided that it was important enough to invest the time and money to participate, even if it meant taking a bite out of my credit card to do so. The primary host, Kathy, has sent questions to the participants and I want to share them and my answers here. (Incidentally, Dennis is part of the hosting team.)

What has attracted you to this training?

My One Word for 2013 is growth. This seminar fulfills a want to expand my skill set. I see this as one activity for 2013 to help me grow as a person.

What are the questions you have about this, your work or what’s happening in the world right now that have your attention and why?

Provincial and federal politics, particularly our Conservative governments. Provincially, I see the issue as being a lack of jobs, well-paying and life-giving meaningful jobs. Federally, I see the issue as one of representation. 60% of voting Canadians did not vote for the majority government of Stephen Harper. The direction Canada is being led is a drastic change from the Canada we have build. My interest in these subjects is answering the question: what can I do to make our province and country better?

Where, or on what, do you intend to practice what you experience and learn?

Initially, I want to apply this to my recent self-appointed community project, Making Transit Work. I am organizing a citizen’s committee interested in Fredericton Transit and to facilitate the advocacy for better transit services in Fredericton. In the long term, I want to apply this to my political career, whether elected as MLA, City Councilor or even MP, or unelected as an engaged citizen.

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